Do you have a strained relationship with food? Obsessive thoughts, anxieties or worries about weight, shape or health? Do you find you are preoccupied with your weight or with health? Are you ready to begin healing and repair your relationship with food and your body? Amanda loves helping clients restore their relationship with food, eating, and their bodies. She also has expertise in sports nutrition and loves working with artists and athletes in helping them reach peak performance. Amanda also provides weight-neutral medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and many other conditions.

As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor with advanced training in Eating Disorders, Sports Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Disorders, Amanda can provides gentle nutrition therapy, mindful meal plans and will partner with you to find ways to help you succeed.

Amanda loves helping clients restore their relationship with food, eating, and their bodies. Only YOU are the expert of YOU, and Amanda will help you get to a place where nutrition and fueling your body is second nature, so you’ll be able to live the abundant life you want.



Initial Visits are scheduled for 90 minutes. During your visit, Amanda will spend some time getting to know your background and eating habits. Next, we will focus on education and then start working on a plan, together. All initial appointments must be in person. (Price – $175)

Follow-Up Visits are scheduled for 45 minutes. At this time, you will work together to assess your level of success, fill in educational gaps, make tweaks to treatment plan, and knock down road blocks. Follow-up visits are important for continued success and ongoing support. (Price – $100)

Packages, payment plans and sliding scale fees are available by request. Download the Rate Sheet below for more information.

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