About Amanda

Amanda is passionate about making food FUN! Amanda’s heart is at its happiest when she is in the kitchen. From playing chef at home for her own family, to working in an industrial kitchen cooking up large quantities of food for clients, to teaching others how to create tasty and healthy meals. Food is her passion. She strives to help everyone have a healthy (and delicious) relationship with food.

After graduating Magna-Cum-Laude from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Foods and Nutrition, Amanda went on to complete her dietetic internship at the prestigious VA Medical Center in San Diego. During her time at the VA, her focus was geared heavily towards Medical Nutrition Therapy in an inpatient, clinical setting, with an emphasis in patient centered care.

In the past 5 years of being a Registered Dietitian, Amanda  has worked in various clinical and community settings, including Kaiser Permanente Hospital, the VA Medical Center, Wellness Corporate Solutions and Healthy Dining. Today, Amanda splits her time between corporate wellness, culinary nutrition, where she teaches healthy cooking classes and provides expertise in nutrient analysis, and private practice, where she provides nutrition counseling. She also runs the Trader Joe’s themed cooking blog, The Fearless Flying Kitchen. She loves being in front of the camera, and created the web series SWASHBUCKLED! in 2018, which is a blend of the hit Food Network series “Chopped” and Trader Joe’s ingredients.

Since becoming a Registered Dietitian in 2012, Amanda has also been serving her peers through volunteer work. After being the communications chair for the San Diego District of the California Dietetic Association, She went on to serve as President elect and President. She was awarded the Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year Award in 2015.

Her other passion lies on the stage, where she enjoys singing, dancing, and acting. Amanda regularly performs throughout San Diego with Encore Vocal Ensemble and served on the board of directors for the organization as Production Chair from 2015-2017. She is also an accomplished marathoner and is an avid yogi and “barrerina.” Because of her passion for the stage and athletics, she enjoys working with performance clients (both athletic and performing arts).