Quick, Easy, and Healthy Meals for New Moms

Having a new baby around the house is exciting, exhilarating and some of the best times of a new mom’s life. It also is exhausting and overwhelming caring for a tiny human that requires so much love and attention. And don’t forget about providing for the rest of the family too…all while breast feeding an infant and only having access to one hand for 12 hours out of the day!

Quick, Easy and Healthy Meals for New Moms

When I was a new mom, I found it difficult to find time (and energy) to prepare meals like I did before the baby (and, if we are being completely honest, before I was even pregnant). Luckily, I had a circle of friends and family who helped out with meal preparation and delivery. I also utilized my favorite ready prepared and frozen meals from Trader Joe’s more often than ever before.

However, there are so many thing you can do now to prepare for when you have the baby, like utilize the freezer and stock your pantry for quick and easy meals you can throw together. You can also have recipes and grocery lists assembled now, so when someone asks “what can I do to help?” you can send them to the store with a list of ingredient you need.

I connected with registered dietitians all over the country to bring you some of their favorite recipes for new moms. Read on to find out their favorites!


One of the best things to do with all that “nesting” energy is to prepare some healthy meals for the freezer. Great options for freezing meals include soups, oatmeal, muffins, bread

freezer meal collage

A few RDs I spoke with have an entire list of freezer meals all ready to share with you! Registered Dietitian, Kaleigh McMordie has 30 Healthy Freezer Meals Recipes and Shannon A Garcia, MDS, RD, LD with KISS in the Kitchen has  25 Freezer Friendly Meals.

Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and Virtual Nutrition Coach for moms, and she shares a round-up of Easy and Delicious Freezer Meals for Every Busy Mama.

Other great options for preparing and freezing ahead of time include this delicious Pizza Turkey Meatloaf recipe and these versatile Freezer Steal Cut Oats from Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, Kelli Shallal, MPH, RD.

Elizabeth Ward is the author of Expect the Best, Your Guide to Healthy Eating Before, During, and After Pregnancy. In her book, she includes a recipe for Tuna Burgers With Smashed Avocado and Tomato that looks delicious. Pro Tip: make a double batch to freeze half, and your future self will thank you!


Sheet Pan Dinners are one of my favorite types of meals…talk about super easy clean-up! These one-pan-meals are a great option for new and busy moms….or really anyone who needs a quick and easy dinner.

Sheet Pan Dinner Collage

Looking for breakfast? Shannon A Garcia, MDS, RD, LD with KISS in the Kitchen has a colorful Southwest Breakfast Sheet Pan Bake

Fish is a popular option for sheet pan dinners, since they are quick to cook and are paired nicely with quick roasting veggies. Kara Lydon, The Foodie Dietitian has a recipe for Sheet Pan Salmon Fajitas. Jenny Shea Rawn MS, MPH, RD is a Cape-Cod, MA, based Registered Dietitian, recipe developer, nutrition communications consultant and food blogger at JennySheaRawn.com and has a recipe for Sheet Pan Panko Crusted Cod with Summer Corn, Tomatoes and Basil.

Jenny Shea Rawn from the blog “My Cape Cod Dietitian” shares a Sheet Pan Salmon and Veggies recipe.  Shahzadi Uzma Devje, RDN shares a recipe for Easy Lemon Pepper Salmon. I can’t wait to try all these delicious (and easy) recipes!

Looking for something other than fish? E.A Stewart, MBA, RD (aka. The Spicy RD) has a recipe for Insanely Addictive Sheet Pan Pork Chops w/ Apples, Green Beans & Maple Dijon. Last, but not least, you could always try my recipe for Lemon Chicken Thighs with Roasted Brussels Sprouts.


The set it and forget it dinner is such a great resource for not only the busy, working mom, but also the new mom who is adjusting to motherhood and doesn’t have much time (or access to both hands) to prepare meals. Great options for the slow cooker are soups, chilis, curries as well as lasagna and one pot pastas, and pulled meats, like carnitas for tacos or bbq chicken for sandwiches.

Crock Pot Meals COllage (1)

Kara Lydon has a few slow cooker recipes for you, including the Vegan Slow Cooker Pumpkin Curry and Butternut Squash and Kale Slow Cooker Lasagna.

Sarah Gold, RD also has two recipes: Smoky Chipotle Chili and Chicken and Vegetable Coconut Curry.

Diana K. Rice, RD, The Baby Steps Dietitian has a Stewed Chicken with Tomatoes and Capers recipe and Jennifer Hunt, RDN has a recipe for Slow Cooker Thai Chicken with Almond Butter Sauce. You could also try one of these recipes from Kitty Broihier, MS, RD, LD: Apple and Thyme Roasted Chicken with Apple Gravy or the Beef, Bean and Bacon Stew.  And finally, Jessica Cox Ivey, Registered Dietitian and Chef, offers a recipe for Instant Pot Chicken and Sweet Potato Chili.


And finally, a meal doesn’t have to fit in a crock pot, a freezer or on a sheet pan to be considered quick and easy! These dietitians have some recipes that are a great fit for new moms:

Crystal Karges, MS, RDN, IBCLC, also offered her recipe for Basic Overnight Oats for New Moms. Amy Gorin, RDN,  has a recipe for a Creamy Carrot Cauliflower Soup (that can easily be frozen in individual batches and re-heated). Jennifer Hunt, RDN has a recipe for Lightened Up Mexican Lasagna and Shahzadi Uzma Devje, RDN has a recipe for Daal Makhani (or, Coconut Lentil Curry). The last contribution is from Sharon Palmer, The Plant-Powered Dietitian, who has a recipe for a Mediterranean White Bean and Sorghum Salad, which is a great option for meal prep!

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